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The older we get, the less collagen and elastin our bodies produce, which causes droopy and sagging skin. While a Facelift is certainly an option to fix more aggressive forms of loose skin, not every patient is looking for a surgical solution. At the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute, Dr. Saadat and his team strive to help his patients achieve a more youthful appearance without an extensive recovery time with a PDO Thread Lift. Below we have included some additional information about the treatment so you can decide if it’s right for you.


What is a PDO Thread Lift?

A PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that stimulates your face by lifting and tightening it, as well as stimulating your body’s natural healing process. PDO stands for polydioxanone, a synthetic absorbable material that has been used in surgery for many, many years. The threads are inserted into your skin using a fine needle and a cannula (very thin and tiny tube), and once the threads are in place, will stimulate your body’s production of collagen, which is a protein that gives skin its strength and elasticity. As your body absorbs the threads over the next four to six months, it will leave behind a “framework” of collagen that will continue to help lift and tighten your skin.

While most commonly used as a non-surgical Facelift, this treatment can also be used in the neck and body.


What are the Benefits of PDO Thread Lift?

In addition to our Beverly Hills PDO Thread Lift patients being able to achieve a younger, firmer face with increased self-confidence, at the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute, we have seen them enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Compatible with injectables
  • An excellent alternative to surgical options
  • High tensile strength
  • Instant results
  • Little risk of adverse reaction
  • Long-lasting results
  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimally invasive
  • No incision
  • Repeatable as necessary
  • Softens jowls along the jawline
  • Softens sagging, folding, or hollowing in the mid-face

Who are the Best Candidates for PDO Thread Lift?

The best candidate for a PDO Thread lift in Beverly Hills is any male or female patient between the ages of 20 and 50 who:

  • Are looking to treat moderate signs of aging, such as jowls, nasolabial folds, and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and neck
  • Desire a tighter facial appearance with a chiseled jawline
  • Maintains realistic expectations for their treatment results
  • Possess a skin layer that is not too thin or too thick, and not extremely uneven
  • Wants to treat droopy eyelids

What’s the first step?

The first step in getting a PDO Thread Lift in Beverly Hills is to contact the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute and schedule your appointment. When you come in, you will get to meet with Dr. Saadat or one of the highly trained members of our Aesthetic team, discuss your goals for the treatment, have the skin of your targeted area evaluated, and be asked certain medical questions to ensure that you are a good candidate and will have a successful treatment and recovery. It is important to be open and honest because everything you share is not only confidential, but it can also help prevent unnecessary risks.

After collecting the necessary information, your treatment plan will be created. If you agree with this plan and would like to move forward with it, our Patient Coordinator will help you schedule your treatment date. At least 5 days before your procedure, we advise you to avoid alcohol and tobacco, and anything else that may increase the risk of bleeding or bruising, such as:

  • Advil and ibuprofen
  • Aspirin
  • Green tea or green tea extracts
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
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What to Expect on the Day of PDO Thread Lift

When you come into our clinic for your PDO Thread Lift, you will be taken to your private treatment room so you can prepare for the procedure. After making yourself comfortable in our reclining chair, we can apply a numbing cream to your treatment area to alleviate any pain you may feel during your PDO Thread Lift.

When beginning, your provider will carefully insert the dissolvable PDO threads into the targeted areas of your face using a thin needle or cannula, which then passes through several layers of your skin to stabilize the threads. The threads are then strategically placed to lift and tighten your skin. Once the threads are anchored, any excess threads are cut off.

The procedure can take between 45 and 60 minutes to complete.

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PDO Thread Lift Recovery


After your PDO Thread Lift, you can continue with your day without any lengthy recovery times to worry about, but we do encourage you to avoid any strenuous activities to avoid accidentally snapping the threads. You will also need to avoid rubbing your face for the first week, or pursing your lips (i.e. smoking, sipping from a straw, kissing, etc.) for the first two weeks. We do recommend sleeping on a propped-up pillow to avoid accidentally rolling onto your face in the middle of the night.

As the sutures begin to lift and tighten underneath your skin, you will begin seeing positive changes. There may be some temporary swelling, bruising, or mild discomfort during the initial few days after your treatment, but this is completely normal.

How Much Does PDO Thread Lift Cost in Beverly Hills?

How Much Does PDO Thread Lift Cost in Beverly Hills?

The cost of a PDO Thread Lift in Beverly Hills will vary on several factors, particularly how much work will be needed to achieve your aesthetic goals. To get an accurate price for your procedure, schedule your consultation and once your treatment plan is made, our Patient Coordinator can give you a total breakdown of the cost of your procedure.

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David Saadat, MD is a world-renowned, triple-board-certified surgeon with over 20 years of experience in Otolaryngology, Facial & Reconstructive Surgery, and Sleep Medicine. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a Doctorate of Medicine, he continued his studies with a residency at Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, followed by his Fellowship at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. During his time as a plastic surgeon, he has become a hot commodity on the lecturer’s circuit due to his dedication to educating and training, as well as his knowledge of the latest surgical, sleep, and breathing techniques. He has been affiliated with some of the top medical schools and hospitals in California, including Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Saadat is known for his unique and warm bedside manner and strives to help patients achieve optimal cosmetic and functional results.

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A PDO Thread Lift in Beverly Hills could do wonders for your face to help you look younger. To schedule your one-on-one consultation at ​​the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical, please call us at (310) 247-9090 or request an appointment through our website today!

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I was referred to Dr. Saadat by a friend having seen the amazing result on my friend’s face. I made an appointment and Dr. Saadat already knew what will make the transformation in my face. I had two plastic surgeries (by a very reputable plastic surgeon in Pasadena) and both were absolute waste of time and money. Dr. Saadat recommended an upper eyelid bleph
— Shari S.
Wouldn’t want anyone else to do my surgery. I felt confident about my surgery with Dr. Saadat and I could tell from the beginning that he was going to do a good job. He has great charisma and makes you feel comfortable going into your procedure. Wouldn’t want anyone else to do my surgery.
— LankyFella
I just love Dr. Saadat and his staff. I just love Dr. Saadat and his staff. They are always friendly and helpful. You will not be disappointed if you go to him. They always take the time to explain things and they never rush you if you have any questions or concern.
— Casey C.
Dr. Saadat is honest and skillful. I had an awesome experience with Dr. Saadat and his staff. He and his staff always take the time to find out what I want, answer all my questions and address any concerns that I may have. Doctor Saadat is honest and skillful.
— Yiayiabee
If I could give TEN STARS, I would! It’s a wonder Dr. Saadat isn’t the most world renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills… his bedside manner and unrivaled eye are rarely found together, and I am so happy for everything that he has done for me. He is an absolute perfectionist, and I trust him and his wonderful staff implicitly. Thank you again for everything! I will be back again and again!
— Bradley R.

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