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A nose’s shape can play a huge role in one’s self-confidence. For some, it can be too large, for others it may be too small, and for some patients, they may disapprove of their nose with imperfections here and there. There are also certain cases in which a deviated septum or past traumatic experience makes it difficult to breathe, causing discomfort in their everyday life.
Regardless of your need for it, at the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute, Dr. Saadat strives to provide his Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty patients with results that they can be proud of and make their lives better. For more information on this surgery, please keep reading below.

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What is Rhinoplasty?

Nasal reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty, “nose job”) is an intricate, multifaceted surgical procedure, that requires meticulous attention to detail and the ability to assess how small changes to the patient’s nose and nasal structure will impact the patient’s facial symmetry and proportions. Even under ideal circumstances, the potential for post-rhinoplasty cosmetic and/or functional complications to develop is very real—and the risk of these complications is magnified when the procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon without specialized training in facial surgery.

At the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute, with convenient office locations in Beverly Hills, Valencia, and Santa Clarita, California, Triple-Board Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Dr. David Saadat has mastered the subtly nuanced techniques essential to achieving optimal rhinoplasty outcomes and is often called upon to perform a secondary (or tertiary) nasal reshaping surgery known as Revision Rhinoplasty to correct any structural or cosmetic problems stemming from unsuccessful prior rhinoplasty or surgery performed elsewhere.

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What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty?

Our nose job patients have discovered many wonderful benefits from their Rhinoplasty surgery, some of which include:

  • Breathe better
  • Corrects problems associated with a deviated septum
  • Gives your nostrils a new shape
  • Improves your overall facial aesthetic
  • Increases or decreases your nose’s size
  • Reduces your nasal tip and/or bridge
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Who are the Best Candidates for Nose Surgery?

At the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute, we believe that the best candidates for people seeking Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills are anyone who:

  • Can pause alcohol consumption before surgery
  • Doesn’t smoke
  • Facial growth is complete
  • Has a positive outlook and realistic expectations for the outcome of the surgery
  • Overall physically healthy

What’s the first step?

The first step in getting Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills is to contact the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute and schedule your consultation. When you come in for your appointment, you will meet with Dr. Saadat and express what you would like to achieve from surgery. He will examine your nose and the two of you will discuss your options to obtain your desired look, as well as ask you questions regarding your medical history. Please be as open and honest as possible when discussing this portion as it will help prevent any unnecessary side effects or risks.

After agreeing on what will take place during your procedure, Dr. Saadat will create your procedure plan and you will be able to schedule the date and time of your surgery with our Patient Coordinator. You will receive a list of instructions to follow that will help ensure a smoother operation and recovery.

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What to Expect On The Day of Rhinoplasty

On the day of your Rhinoplasty, you will first be administered some medication to make your procedure go smoother. Depending on what is discussed during your consultation, your options for sedation will most likely be either intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Again, based on what is discussed during your consultation and what you are trying to achieve, Dr. Saadat will begin your surgery by utilizing advanced surgical techniques to achieve your desired look.

If he uses a closed procedure, the incisions will be hidden inside your nose, whereas an open procedure will require an incision to be made across the narrow strip of tissue that separates your nostrils, which is called the columella. When performing the open procedure, the skin that covers your nasal bones and cartilage will be gently raised to allow access to reshape your nose’s structure. 

For our patients with overly larger noses, they can be reduced by removing bone and cartilage, or even possibly adding cartilage grafts. If this is required, it is very common to use cartilage from the septum (the partition in the middle of your nose). In some necessary situations, the cartilage from your ear or ribs can be used. If you suffer from a deviated septum, it can be straightened and the projections inside your nose will be reduced to improve breathing.

After the underlying structure of your nose has been sculpted to its desired shape, your nasal skin and tissue are redraped and the incision is closed. If required, additional incisions can be placed in your nostril’s natural creases to alter their size.

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Rhinoplasty Recovery


Since it’s an outpatient procedure, after your nose surgery, you will be able to return home, but you will be required to wear a splint and gauze packing to support your nose as it heals. You can expect some swelling and bruising for the first few weeks, however, this will eventually subside on its own. Dr. Saadat will prescribe you some temporary pain medication to make your recovery more comfortable, but you can also lightly apply an ice pack or cold compress to reduce the swelling and bruising as well as alleviate any pain.

You will notice gradual changes in your nasal appearance over the course of a year as your contour fully refines itself and your skin, muscle, and soft tissue mature as you age. It is very important to avoid any potential trauma to your nose during your initial recovery time. After coming in for your follow-up appointments, Dr. Saadat will give you detailed instructions on when you can return to your normal workout routine.

Rhinoplasty Expertise in Beverly Hills


  • Dr. David Saadat has performed over 10,000 successful facial plastic surgeries over the last 20 years.
  • He is a frequent guest lecturer and trainer around the United States regarding the latest surgical, sleep, and breathing techniques.
  • Graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Southern California; finished his Fellowship in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery at Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California.
  • Dr. Saadat is triple-board-certified with expertise in Otolaryngology, Facial & Reconstructive Surgery, and Sleep Medicine.
  • He has been featured in numerous articles, television, and radio programs.
  • Known for his pleasance bedside manner, Dr. Saadat enjoys utilizing the philosophy of combining artistic and surgical skills to achieve pleasing nature results.
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Rhinoplasty at First Glance

Before electing to get rhinoplasty it’s important to know the ins and outs of the surgery. While the following are only estimates, it will help paint a general picture of the details of the surgery.

  • Surgery Time: 2 – 3 hours
  • Price:  The Cost of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills cost approximately $20,000 – $30,000 (For an accurate cost, please ask during your consultation). 
  • Recovery: Most patients will return home on the day of surgery and can return to their normal activities within a month, however, you can still expect minor swelling, bruising, tightness, and numbness to reside over the course of a year.
  • Results: Most patients feel comfortable enough to return to work within a week, but you may want to wait a month before resuming a steady workout routine. The average Rhinoplasty has permanent results.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Beverly Hills?

The price of Rhinoplasty

The cost of Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills is determined by a number of factors, including the techniques required to achieve a particular look and the extent of surgery required. After meeting with Dr. Saadat for a consultation, he will be able to create your personalized surgical plan and our Patient Coordinator will provide you with a price breakdown for your procedure.

Why Choose Dr. Saadat?

Top Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgeon

The Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute has a mission statement to provide the safest and the most comprehensive medical, surgical, and cosmetic health care in a comfortable and confidential setting. Owned and operated by Dr. David Saadat, we have a fully certified on-site surgery center that was designed and run to meet the highest standards and levels of safety.

Dr. Saadat is a world-renowned, board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience and is widely known for his unique and warm bedside manner. He has been affiliated with some of the top medical schools and hospitals in California, including Los Angeles County, University of Southern California Medical Center, and Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Dr. Saadat is frequently called upon to lecture on the latest surgical, sleep, and breathing techniques.

Schedule a Consultation

Breathe easier knowing that you are under the talented and experienced hands of Dr. David Saadat. If you are ready for a Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, you can schedule your consultation by calling us at (310) 247-9090 or request an appointment through our website. If you are in the Palmdale or Valencia area, you can reach us at (661) 259-2500 (Palmdale) or (661) 259-2500 (Valencia).

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I was referred to Dr. Saadat by a friend having seen the amazing result on my friend’s face. I made an appointment and Dr. Saadat already knew what will make the transformation in my face. I had two plastic surgeries (by a very reputable plastic surgeon in Pasadena) and both were absolute waste of time and money. Dr. Saadat recommended an upper eyelid bleph
— Shari S.
Wouldn’t want anyone else to do my surgery. I felt confident about my surgery with Dr. Saadat and I could tell from the beginning that he was going to do a good job. He has great charisma and makes you feel comfortable going into your procedure. Wouldn’t want anyone else to do my surgery.
— LankyFella
I just love Dr. Saadat and his staff. I just love Dr. Saadat and his staff. They are always friendly and helpful. You will not be disappointed if you go to him. They always take the time to explain things and they never rush you if you have any questions or concern.
— Casey C.
Dr. Saadat is honest and skillful. I had an awesome experience with Dr. Saadat and his staff. He and his staff always take the time to find out what I want, answer all my questions and address any concerns that I may have. Doctor Saadat is honest and skillful.
— Yiayiabee
If I could give TEN STARS, I would! It’s a wonder Dr. Saadat isn’t the most world renowned plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills… his bedside manner and unrivaled eye are rarely found together, and I am so happy for everything that he has done for me. He is an absolute perfectionist, and I trust him and his wonderful staff implicitly. Thank you again for everything! I will be back again and again!
— Bradley R.

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