By David Saadat, MD


For many people, the third decade of life – the 30’s – is prime time. This is when you truly come into your own. Professionally and personally, this time is rich with opportunities and experiences. Typically people are settled into a career and opportunities for advancements present themselves. It’s a time when many people start a business of their own, a family or both.

This is also the decade when your skin can, with just a little extra effort and a few subtle enhancements, look just as good as it did in your 20s. And, this is the time to treat you skin to non-invasive treatments in order to avoid or postpone indefinitely the need for intensive surgical corrections later in life. If tended to now, you can even begin to reverse the early signs of sun-damage that might have been caused in your late teens or early 20’s.

By establishing a good skin care routine you’ll be giving your skin the levels of moisture, protein and nutrients necessary to maintain a smooth, youthfully supple complexion.  You’ll be establishing the foundation, setting the stage, so to speak, for the most beautiful skin today and well into the future.

Your 30’s Will Define Your Future Skin

Your skin is still supple, still radiant and functioning at its best. This is when you have the rare opportunity to delay the development of the visible signs of facial aging by taking charge and incorporating preventive and corrective skin treatments into your lifestyle. If you begin to see changes in your skin, addressing those issues immediately can nip them in the bud. If you’ve put off having any type of corrective surgery, this is the time to go for it. You’re at your most confident and there’s never been a better time to take charge of your appearance and establish those regular treatments that will assure your best complexion as you age chronologically.

Some Common Skin Concerns To Be Reversed In Your 30s

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, your skin can be just as beautiful in your 30’s as it was in your 20’s. However, that depends on the care you give it. For many, the 30s is when the first signs of aging show up in the form of very fine lines, wrinkles, and creases (particularly around the eyes and mouth). If you didn’t take time in your 20’s to establish a skincare routine, don’t put it off another moment. Left untreated, small issues can become damaging. Some issues that people deal with in their 30’s include but are not limited to the following: Acne/clogged pores/oily skin, acne or injury-related scarring, dull, dry, sun-damaged skin, redness/rosacea/blotchiness, enlarged pores/blackheads, sparse eyelashes, uneven skin tone/texture, hyperpigmentation (skin darkening, melasma), hypopigmentation (skin lightening) and thin lips.

Facial Surgery In Your 30s

Some people have issues that go beyond complexion. Facial structure is not always the most desirable. For instance, you may have inherited heavy, sagging eyelids or a nose that is too big for your face. Perhaps your ears protrude, are overly large or misshapen. In these cases, facial surgery provides long-term results and significant facial improvements on a structural level. Non-invasive treatments are not meant for these kinds of desired changes.

When performed with cutting edge techniques by a renowned facial surgery expert, facial surgery can be a safe and very rewarding experience. Not every patient requires significant facial alterations, which is why I also offer a variety of “mini” procedures for patients seeking facial improvements without the extended recovery period required by full (traditional) facial surgery.

For a consultation and full menu of major and mini-surgeries, please call our office. Whatever age you are, take good care of your skin. With a little extra effort your largest organ will carry you through life radiantly.

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