By David Saadat, MD


Choices Include A Variety of Temporary And Permanent Procedures

The options for cosmetic enhancements in your 40s are plentiful. Depending on your goals and objectives you could select permanent or temporary procedures. If you would like to dramatically modify the appearance of a specific facial feature, or would like to achieve lasting facial rejuvenation results, facial surgery is your best option. On the other hand, you may just be experiencing the first signs that the skin is beginning to lose elasticity. In this case, you may be more comfortable opting for non-invasive treatments.

Either way you go, your 40s can be a time when your skin can look as vibrant and youthful as it did in your 30s. And with the proper care and treatment can carry you beautifully through this wonderful decade.

Surgical Procedures

Surgical procedures definitely provide the significant long-term facial improvements on a structural level that non-invasive treatments simply cannot match. When performed with the most advanced techniques by a renowned facial surgery expert such as Dr. Saadat, facial surgery can be a safe and very rewarding experience.

If you are looking to enhance facial symmetry and balance while restoring a youthfully lifted, firm facial structure, you’ll want to explore the following procedures:

Mini Surgical Procedures

Dr. Saadat also offers a variety of “mini” surgical procedures for patients seeking facial improvements without the extended recovery period of a full facial surgery. They include:

Mini Liposuction (syringe assisted liposuction)

Mini Eye lift (microblepharoplasty, transconjunctival eye lift)

Mini Neck Lift

Mini Facelift (“weekend lift,” S-lift, short-scar facelift)

Mini Brow Lift (endoscopic brow lift, lateral brow lift)

Mini Cheek Lift (midface lift, S-lift, cheek suspension surgery)

Autologous Fat Transfer (fat grafting, fat injections): fatty tissue is removed from one area of the body (i.e. thighs, abdomen) and utilized to add volume to depleted facial areas

Scar Revision: alters the appearance of scars to minimize their appearance

Popular Non-Surgical Procedures For Your 40s

Many people are not ready for the dramatic permanent changes that surgical procedures offer. And, with the growing knowledge of how sun protection and healthy diet and exercise positively affect how we age, many people in their 40s do not require surgery. Good skin care through the teens, 20s and 30s really shows in your 40s. This may be the time when you just begin to see the beginning of elasticity loss.

There are so many non-invasive procedures and treatments that contribute to the health and beauty of skin, that you may never need surgery. Those Dr. Saadat offers include the following:

A Lifetime Of Beautiful Healthy Skin

The 40s is a decade of vibrant confidence as you continue to grow into your career and lifestyle. It is no longer considered “middle age” since we are living longer, healthier lives. With the proper attention to skincare and properly executed procedures, surgical or non-invasive, anyone can look and feel youthful and vibrant at every age.

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