Celebrating National Wellness Throughout August

All during August, the focus of National Wellness Month is on self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines. I invite you to create some new wholesome habits or reignite some that have fallen by the wayside and notice by the end of the month how much better you feel!

Research has shown self-care helps manage stress and promotes happiness. Whether you challenge yourself to a new yoga pose or try a different spa treatment to help erase a few lines and wrinkles on your face, even a small change can impact your health and well-being in positive ways.

Check your diet now that summer is almost over. The barbeques and cocktail parties may have been tempting and you may have been consuming a few more sweet treats in the form of ice cream to help you endure the summer heat. Nevertheless, you can start making some healthier choices, even if it’s just one meal a week. End of summer tomatoes and other vegetables are being harvested now and offer tempting tastes that are healthier options

How about your sleep? Are you getting enough or are you burning the candle at both ends? Long summer days typically keep us up later and we still have to get up early to go to work or care for children who are not in school. With school getting ready to resume, you might want to adjust your schedule to be ready for the change. 

August17th National Patient Appreciation Day

Our patients are our greatest assets and we want each and every one of them to know how much they are valued. Whether you have been a one-time patient or whether you return on a regular basis, we thank you! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you.


Here’s to an August filled with wholesome new ways to tend to you and your loved one’s health and well-being.




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