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Eyelid Surgery

Whether caused by stress, aging, or genetics, heavy, puffy, lined eyes can make you look older and tired. If the eyes are truly the window to the world, then it makes sense to brighten the windows as much as possible.

Eyelid Lift surgery allows you to do just that…

Often performed in conjunction with face and neck lifts, the popular eyelid surgery helps correct bags under the eyes, repair sagging eyelids, and can remove fatty deposits from the eyelids as well. In fact, plastic surgery of the eyelids can also restore vision hampered by sagging eyelids, so some insurance companies cover the costs.

Eyelid surgery generally takes three hours or less. Following surgery, follow Dr. Saadat’s special instructions and apply cold compresses around the area to reduce any swelling or bruising. Keeping your head elevated will also help. Most people can return to work in about 10 days.

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