By David Saadat, MD


For a majority of men and women, when they reach their 50’s is the time they are most likely to begin an earnest exploration of facial surgery options. This is a great age to consider the fundamental changes and long-term facial rejuvenation that can only be produced with intensive surgical procedures. From a full, mid or mini facelift and/or a neck lift to a range of other options, this is the decade in which the menu options become irresistible.

While everyone experiences the aging process differently, even if you have practiced an anti-aging protocol with products and some non-invasive treatments, you may now be ready to take a more dramatic step. Facial surgery provides dramatic enhancements on a structural level that non-invasive treatments simply cannot match. It also allows patients to substantially modify and improve upon the appearance of one or more facial features.

When Surgery Might Be Considered For Structural Change

 For instance, some adults tend to lose the fullness in the cheek area as they age which causes the face to look sunken and enhances a more elderly appearance. Many people at this stage will opt for facial implant surgery. In this procedure, biocompatible implants are placed in the cheeks to enhance the facial contours and proportions for a more youthful look. In addition, people who don’t have a prominent chin often elect to have chin implants.

Very often at this stage of life, an eyelid/eyebrow lift (blepharoplasty) can be a real confidence booster and refresher. At this stage, so many people begin to experience droopy, heavy or puffy eyelids. It’s only natural. However, a lift to the upper orbital area of the face can provide an exciting new look that is subtle yet dramatic. People who know you will know there’s something different but most likely will not be able to pinpoint the source of your refreshed and rested look.

We often see mature adults coming at this time to explore nasal reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty). It could be for functional as well as aesthetic purposes in the case of repairing a deviated septum. In addition, I have often been called upon for revisional rhinoplasty in order to modify and improve upon a previous rhinoplasty surgery.

Another type of surgery I perform frequently for men and women in their 50’s is Autologous Fat Transfer Surgery. This procedure involves the removal of fatty tissue from one area of the body (i.e. thighs, abdomen) to replenish the volume of hollow facial contours. Upon removal, the fat is sterilized and re-injected into the area of the face such as the cheeks, in the laugh lines or under the eyes. This is an alternative to the facial implant surgical procedure I mentioned above.

When Only Surgery Will Accomplish Your Aesthetic Goals

As I mentioned earlier, everyone ages differently. Some people may be able to sail through their 50’s doing what they’ve been doing with a regimen of good anti-aging products and non-invasive treatments. However, if you have reached the point where only surgery is capable of getting you to your aesthetic goals, you need to very carefully select your surgeon. A consultation with an excellent surgeon may help you see the value of going with one or more facial surgeries.  Often multiple procedures can be performed in conjunction with one another for a more comprehensive rejuvenating effect. In addition, the results of your facial surgery may be amplified and extended when performed with complementary non-invasive facial treatments (i.e. Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels).

Although any surgery carries with it an inherent risk of complications, when performed with advanced techniques by a renowned facial surgery expert, facial surgery can be a safe and very rewarding experience.

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