By David Saadat, MD


When you reach your 40’s, the visible signs of aging and sun damage start to become more apparent. Remember those carefree times when you were younger, basking in the sun without a care and without proper sun protection? Everyone ages differently, however, the 40’s is when you start to see the results of those carefree younger days. Blotchiness, age spots, skin discoloration, uneven skin tone, increasing skin looseness and rough skin texture are just some of the inevitable effects.

Collagen and elastin levels also start to decline at this age. What happens as a result is that your body’s natural skin cell regeneration process slows down. This is what exacerbates facial sagging and can make the skin look dull and feel dryer than it used to. You may also notice that your pores appear larger now and fine lines and wrinkles may become increasingly prominent during this time.

Although it can be unnerving to look in the mirror and see the signs of facial aging visibly apparent in our reflection, it is not too late to reverse and repair the effects of skin damage caused by the aging process, smoking, or UV rays. Dry skin is at the root of many aging problems, which is why moisturizing should be a foundational element in your 40’s skin care regimen.

If you haven’t explored non-invasive treatments, this decade is the optimal time to focus on restoring the smooth, even-toned skin of youth while firming and lifting the skin on the face, neck, and décolletage. I’ll go into greater depth in this month’s article about the various surgical and non-surgical treatments that are particularly popular and helpful in reversing and repairing the signs of aging during the 40’s.

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