Living Healthy After Plastic Surgery Oct 2005

Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon D. David Saadat, M.D. recognizes that with a healthy diet and fitness-oriented lifestyle, skincare management should also be of major concern.

“Every patient is different for what he or she needs,” says the director of the Aesthetic Surgical Institute in Beverly Hills, California; the same location where television shows “Extreme Makeover” and “Dr. 90210” are regularly taped. “But for protection of the skin, you want to stay out of the sun and use good sun block. Vitamin C and E can add protection.”

His patients who require aggressive treatments, like skin-nourishing injections with MesoGlow or non-laser Fotofacial™ Treatments to help rid redness and improve texture, are encouraged to follow an individualized skincare regimen to help retain those results. For everyone, Dr. Saadat recommends using a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sun block on their face to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

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