Ear Lobe Reconstruction

Ear Lobe Reconstruction


Dr. Saadat is experienced at beverly hills ear lobe reconstruction & includes repairing earlobe-piercing holes that have been stretched or split.

Often when people have their ears pierced over a long period of time the holes can stretch and become elongated. When people sport heavier types of earrings this process can happen even faster. When the piercing holes stretch, earrings can slip further down the ear lobe and not stay in place, this can make it difficult to wear certain types of earrings. In time, the bottom of the piercing holes may wear completely through causing the earlobe to split or tear, at which point it becomes impossible to wear earrings.

The Procedure

Earlobe Reconstruction is a simple and uncomplicated procedure. The first step is to mark the area on the split or torn earlobe that will be excised so that the earlobe can be repaired. The excision is done with a zigzag pattern to help minimize the chances of the earlobe notching once it heals.

Local anesthesia is used to numb the earlobe prior to the marked area being removed by a scalpel. During the procedure, the only pain the patient will feel will be the administering of the anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the operation is virtually painless.

The earlobe is then repaired with sutures, beginning at the bottom edge of the incision and extending to the front and back of the earlobe. These sutures will stay in place for a week and then they are removed in Dr. Saadat’s state-of-the-art clinic.


Post-procedure an antibiotic ointment will need to be applied twice a day for about a week to help keep the area clean and to prevent any risk of infection. Downtime post-procedure is typically minimal, with most individuals returning to work and normal daily activities the day after the procedure. However, Dr. Saadat encourages patients to avoid strenuous activity and rigorous exercise for between one to two weeks to ensure proper healing.

Once the sutures have been removed and the incision has healed, it will only take a few months for the patient to be able to wear earrings again!

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