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A chemical peel is a skin-rejuvenation technique used to enhance the appearance of the skin on the face, neck or hands. 

During a chemical peel, an exfoliating chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove dead or damaged skin cells. After a peel, skin imperfections are minimized and the newly regenerated skin appears smoother and more radiant. Chemical peels are a prime example of a minimally invasive skin treatment powerful enough to produce remarkable skin improvements.

Chemical peels are comprised of various chemical agents and can be formulated in different strengths (superficial, medium, or deep) to address the unique skin concerns of each patient. The severity and type of your skin problems will determine the strength and composition of your customized chemical peel formula. Chemical peels are ideally suited to improve the following skin conditions:

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  • Pigmentation irregularities (sun/liver/age spots)
  • Oily or skin
  • Facial scarring due to injury or acne skin
  • Dry, rough, or scaly skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging, loose skin with poor elasticity
  • Creases and deep furrows
  • Uneven skin tone or texture or malignant lesions (abnormal skin discoloration)


There are many different formulas that can be used during a chemical peel service; however, at the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute we utilize varying strengths of Acid () peels, because this particular chemical agent penetrates deeper into the skin than other peels and produces dramatic results even at relatively low concentrations of 10-15%. A 15% peel performed 2-3 times a year is likely to produce similar (or better) results than one could achieve with a monthly ’s peel.

There is a very low risk of (skin lightening) after peels; however, a conservative approach is always best, and solutions should not be applied in concentrations above 50%, as these levels are unpredictable and can result in facial scarring. The skin-rejuvenating results of your chemical peel can be maximized and extended when performed in conjunction with a complementary facial enhancement service, such as an .

  • 10-20% Peel: appropriate for patients seeking a gentler peel to subtly refresh their facial appearance. After a 10% peel, you may experience temporary redness and a mild burn, but these side effects should subside quickly, leaving you with revitalized, smoother skin (the effects of the 10% peel can be amplified with stronger formulations of up to 20% concentration).
  • 25-35% Peel: this powerful peel is appropriate for patients who present with deep lines/wrinkles or significantly skin, and who would benefit from a more dramatic facial rejuvenation. The 25-35% peel is strong enough to warrant regional anesthesia and oral or intravenous sedation, and for the first 24 hours after the peel, patients may experience a frosting of the skin, redness, and then a darkening of the peeled skin. As the dead skin cells shed over the next 5-7 days, a fresh, pink epithelium will be revealed, which may take several days to completely heal. Post-operative skin care can be managed with bland petrolatum dressing and gentle wound debridement until the epithelium is fully regenerated.

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