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Skin Care


It is an unfortunate reality that over-the-counter (OTC) skincare products (those you can purchase at your local drugstore or mall cosmetic counter) simply do not measure up to medical (pharmaceutical) grade skincare lines, which are only available by prescription through a medical provider.


Why are medical-grade skincare products more effective?

  • Highly-concentrated formulas: medical-grade products are formulated with higher concentrations of the essential active ingredients needed to produce dramatic visible improvements in fine lines/wrinkles, skin discoloration, dehydration, and skin tone/texture
  • FDA monitoring, safety standards, and clinical testing: in contrast to retail skincare lines, medical grade products must pass exhaustive clinical testing and quality checks in order to uphold the FDA’s rigorous safety standards—vague claims to produce “remarkable skin improvements” without scientific proof are not tolerated in the medical world
  • Cutting-edge delivery mechanisms: pharmaceutical-grade skincare products are fortified with advanced delivery systems to promote deep penetration of key active ingredients into the dermis (innermost layers of the skin), where collagen is produced and skin cell regeneration occurs. Without these patented delivery systems, the ingredients in retail skincare products are never fully absorbed or activated. This limited permeability means that despite grandiose claims, most OTC products moisturize the skin, but provide few other skin-rejuvenating benefits.

Dr. Saadat and the team of professional medical at the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute understand the importance of supplementing your in-office skin treatments with potent, clinically-proven skincare products at home. We are pleased to offer a variety of medical-grade products from respected and established leaders in the skincare industry, such as:

  •  Breathable Foundation: this breakthrough foundation contains a patent-pending formula ( Complex) that is proven to conceal, heal, and minimize the appearance of post-procedural scarring. facilitates the healing process by increasing the oxygen uptake of the epidermal cells to stimulate skin cell regeneration and collagen growth. is safe and appropriate to treat and/or conceal a multitude of skin problems, including: acne scars, , post-surgical scars, skin wounds, rashes, and cracked/dry skin.

Once applied, acts as a second-skin, allowing the epidermal cells to breathe without occlusive oils hindering the natural healing process. Even the most sensitive and medically compromised skin can achieve naturally flawless coverage with Breathable Foundation, which can be used over Moisturizer or on its own.

  • ®+: this remarkably effective silicone scar treatment is available only to plastic surgeons and dermatologists—it is formulated with SPF 30 sunscreen to prevent sun damage and future scar formation while simultaneously improving the appearance of current scars and stretch marks
  • ™: the first and only FDA-approved, prescription-strength treatment for eyelash (inadequate or meager eyelashes), ™ Eyelash Enhancement system is an at-home topical solution that is specifically formulated to accelerate eyelash growth. With proper application and consistent daily use, ™ has been shown to produce fuller, longer, and darker eyelashes
Skin Care Products

Your skincare needs are not the same as any other patient, and in order to be effective, your at-home skincare regimen must be personalized just for you. The Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute is one of the few practices to offer custom-blended products that are uniquely formulated to address your specific needs and skincare goals. These specially-compounded products can be particularly helpful for patients with highly-sensitive skin or severe, treatment-resistant skin problems (i.e. chronic acne, skin discoloration).

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