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CO2 Laser


carbon dioxide (CO2) laser technology is one of the most impressive recent innovations in the field of minimally-invasive aesthetic medicine, and has been praised by practitioners and patients alike for its proven ability to enhance the appearance and overall health of the skin without extended recovery time or invasive surgery.

Fractional COlaser technology functions in two important ways:

  • It removes the old, damaged, or (dead) skin cells, which can give the skin a rough, uneven, scaly texture
  • After the exfoliation process is complete, thermal energy from the COfractional laser triggers the body’s natural re- process, stimulating collagen growth and the formation of a new, healthy layer of skin

Triple board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Dr. D. David Saadat chose to equip each of the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute’s three office locations (Beverly Hills, Valencia, and Santa Clarita, California) with /Candela’s advanced CO2RE laser resurfacing system. After extensive research, Dr. Saadat selected this particular laser because of the CO2RE’s remarkably high versatility—this skin resurfacing system allows practitioners to simultaneously treat skin problems at both superficial and deep skin layers while maintaining complete control over the intensity, pattern and depth of ablation. CO2RE is safe enough to treat even small, sensitive areas (i.e. around the mouth and eyes) without damaging adjacent healthy tissues, a distinctive feature that significantly expedites the post-treatment healing process.


Ideal candidates for fractional COlaser skin resurfacing are men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s who would like to restore the appearance of youthfully smooth, supple skin without the extended downtime required by alternative resurfacing options. One of the unique benefits of laser skin resurfacing is the precisely-targeted nature of the treatment—the surrounding facial skin remains unscathed and skin lightening () complications are avoided.

Fractional COlaser resurfacing can produce dramatic improvements in skin tone and texture, and is ideally suited to improve the following skin conditions:

  • Lax (loose), sagging facial skin
  • Deeply pronounced wrinkles and lines
  • Textural problems (rough, scaly skin)
  • Sun damage and actinic keratosis (precancerous growths)
  • Oily or skin
  • Blotchy skin (uneven skin tone, texture, and color)
  • Birthmarks, warts, and freckles
  • Enlarged/clogged pores and oil glands
  • Scars resulting from surgery, acne, or injury
  • Skin discoloration and pigmentation abnormalities (i.e. , age spots/liver spots/ sun spots)


At the Beverly Hills Aesthetic Surgical Institute, your safety and comfort is always our number one concern, and prior to your CO2RE laser resurfacing treatment we will apply a local anesthetic to mitigate any potential tenderness around the treatment area. The intensity of each treatment can be adjusted to meet your skincare needs (ranging from gentle to high power), and patients undergoing more aggressive treatments may benefit from a subcutaneous anesthetic and sedatives before/during the treatment, and oral pain relievers to assuage any post-treatment discomfort.

Immediately following your CO2RE procedure you may experience a sensation akin to a sunburn, which can last for several hours. As the exfoliation of dead/damaged skin cells occurs over the next 24-72 hours, you will begin to notice peeling skin around the treatment area. This is completely natural and may last 7-10 days, during which time your practitioner may recommend a short course of antibiotics to minimize any risk of infection. We strongly recommend using moisturizer and sunscreen during this crucial phase of the healing process, and we encourage patients to be vigilant about sun protection for the weeks and months following your skin resurfacing treatment, as your skin will still be highly sensitive and prone to burning during this time.

Patients are often surprised to learn that the long-lasting results of your CO2RE laser resurfacing treatments rival that of far more invasive surgical facial rejuvenation procedures. However, the exact time frame varies among patients and fluctuates depending upon your age, health, and post-treatment skincare regimen (your laser resurfacing technician can recommend the optimal at-home skincare products to extend and maximize the results of your in-office CO2RE sessions).

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