What Is A Butt Lift?


Surgical body contouring procedures are specifically designed to target problem areas and achieve aesthetic results that clients are unable to attain, despite their best efforts to practice a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Saadat is fluent in the latest technological advances and at the forefront of the field of aesthetic medicine, and will work closely with each patient to create a customized treatment plan designed to reach optimal results.

Butt Lifts’ are categorized into three procedures, which are similar but have differing aims, they are:

Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) Gluteal Augmentation:

Dr. Saadat has honed and perfected this technique, which he calls the “Beverly Hills Butt Lift,” and his remarkable results have made him the go-to specialist in Beverly Hills for this procedure. This procedure is an excellent option for patients with flat, sagging buttocks and ideally suited for patients looking to add volume and shape to their buttocks while improving contours, firmness and proportions. Because this procedure involves harvesting fat from other areas of the body for injection, it offers the added benefit of eliminating fat from other trouble zones.

Traditional Buttock Lift:

Patients who would like to remove excess, drooping buttock skin without augmenting volume may be a candidate for a traditional buttock lift which involves the excision of surplus skin, but does not include the fat transfer technique.

Correction of Contour Deformities:

Fat transfers can also be used to correct contour irregularities of the breasts and body, and to fill divots (depressions) in the skin that may have been caused by bone marrow transplant (), mastectomy, or complications from overly-aggressive liposuction surgery.

A simple way to tell if you might benefit form a brow lift is by gently lifting the skin above your eyebrow—if this results in a pleasing, ‘refreshed’ appearance and eliminates most of the excess skin in the upper eyelid area, a brow lift may be an ideal choice to fulfill your cosmetic goals and allow your outer appearance to reflect your inner vitality, by giving you an alert, well-rested, and approachable appearance.



fat transfer is an example of an effective body contouring surgery that can enhance the shape of your body with minimal downtime. Fat transfer procedures, also referred to as fat injections or fat grafting, involve the removal of excess fat from one site on the body, followed by the re-injection of this fat into other areas of the body to smooth and enhance the appearance of the skin. In utilizing the body’s natural fat deposits as a natural filler, this procedure offers a permanent and safe solution to eliminate fat from problem areas and it to enhance volume and appearance in another.


You will likely wake with a dressing covering the area operated on. This will be changed at your first post-operative appointment with Dr Saadat.

Patients can expect to feel tender and slightly swollen after the procedure.

You may be required to wear a presume garment on the donor area.

You are encouraged to mobilize immediately after surgery to promote healthy circulation.

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