Combining Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Has Risks And Rewards

It is a frequent question I am asked, as I am certain every plastic surgeon is. Can cosmetic surgery procedures be combined? The quick answer, and the one a prospective patient wants to hear is, yes. However, there are important caveats that must be considered.

Obvious Advantages And Rewards

The most obvious advantage to combining cosmetic procedures is that it saves both time and money. For many people who are busy, the time saving may be the most important. With a single recovery period required, you won’t have to take as much time off of work nor will you need multiple consultations with your plastic surgeon.

The lowered overall cost of combining procedure is the second most appealing benefit, or reward if you will, of combining procedures. First of all, the requirement for general anesthesia, always involves risks. So, going under once, even though you’ll be under for a longer period of time with multiple procedures is often considered safer than going under multiple times. You must consider the risk factors of staying under for a longer period of time. As you can see, you’ll only need one anesthetist, one consultation and one bed.

Potential Risks

As I mentioned above, regarding anesthetics, while you would be under only once, you would need a stronger dose and depending on how your body handles the anesthesia that prolonged period of time could lead to increased complications. This is a topic that must be discussed in depth with your surgeon and responsibly considered and understood before proceeding.

Additionally, while there is only one recovery period, the process could be significantly longer, depending on the multiple procedures, and could potentially be more painful and incapacitating. One should be fit and healthy before considering any cosmetic surgical procedure, especially multiple procedures and should have access to fulltime help once released from the hospital or center.

Combining Surgical And Non-Surgical Procedures

Aside from the combining of multiple surgical procedures, the practice of combining surgical and non-surgical procedures is common and comes with fewer risks. For instance, you could successfully combine rhinoplasty with lip augmentation and Botox injection in the forehead.

Select A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

The absolute most important aspect of any cosmetic surgery is to ensure that your surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You may want to select a surgeon that is board certified in multiple disciplines. Board certification is among the best indicators that your health and safety is your doctor’s main priority. Of course, you’ll want to ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues (if anyone will admit to having had cosmetic procedures!)

Once you’ve found a Board Certified plastic surgeon, arrange a consultation with them to see if you feel comfortable – after all, trust is important. During the consultation you will express your desires be it for a single, or multiple procedures and the surgeon to discuss all aspects and the possibilities of fulfilling your wishes while informing you of any complications that could arise.

Safety First

Whether you decide to go with a single procedure or multiple procedures, the objective is to come through feeling better about yourself. From rhinoplasty to otoplasty, eye lifts to varied augmentations, cosmetic procedures have helped countless numbers of men, women and children feel more confident, beautiful and at ease in their bodies.



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