Celebrate And Appreciate Men During Men’s Health Awareness Month And Beyond

If you’re a man you’ve probably heard a woman say in a loving and joking tone, “Men, you can’t live with ‘em and you can’t live without ‘em!” We men have said the same of women on occasion too! Nonetheless, joking aside, we humans think we can’t live without the opposite sex until we find ourselves without them.

June is Men’s Health Awareness Month. Men are not typically as conscientious about their health as women are. So, as we celebrate our fathers and the men in our lives who have fathered businesses and other endeavors whether they’ve fathered children or not, let us take a moment to consider how much we truly appreciate their presence in our lives.

I ask you to gently encourage the man or men in your life to become more aware of their health. Maybe you can gift your husband, partner or friend with a healthy spa day or a wellness exam with a specialized physician. Typically, once a man has experienced the benefits of a relaxing day being the recipient of a massage and other spa treatments, they want to experience it more often. Having a comprehensive wellness exam can also give them peace of mind or a game plan to optimal healthy living.

As a father myself, it is my most ardent desire to be around as long as I possibly can be to nurture and care for my wife and children. I take care of my health to the best of my ability by eating healthfully, exercising regularly and having great work/life balance. And, believe me, when my wife surprises me with a spa day or a thoughtful mind calming health assessment appointment, I’m grateful to find the time to fit it in.

So, dear readers, men and women alike, I hope you take a moment to do something good for yourself and/or to cherish the men in your life. And, I hope the sentiment will stay with you throughout the year and not just during the month of June.

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